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A 70-Pound Popcorn Ball Has Gone Missing From An Ohio Popcorn Shop (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on March 15 2017

If you're having a pretty good day so far, don't look further into this story.  It will ruin it all.

A 70-pound popcorn ball in Ohio has gone missing.

The $700 popcorn ball had been sitting outside since New Year's Eve when it was used in the festivities, but not anymore!  But not to worry.  The Chagrin Falls Police Department is on the case and it will hopefully be found very soon!  Honestly, it was probably just some stoned kids sitting in their parent's basement eating it to cure their munchies. 

Apparently, this popcorn ball had really became a symbolic staple in the community, and we know that there is more stuff like it all over the country.  So what’s is the dumb symbol in your town?


Tags:  crimestolenthiefweird news
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