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A Funny Screenshot From Yesterday's Segment 17 (Picture)
Posted by Steve on March 16 2017
If you're a VIP member, you've probably noticed that many Segment 17s lately have been food-focussed.  To celebrate that, Justin brought in his favorite snack to share with everyone during Segment 17 yesterday.  His snack of choice: Ritz crackers, pepper jack cheese and summer sausage.  Everyone received a plate!

Midway through Segment 17, Free Beer noticed that Joe was sneaking pieces of sausage off of Justin's plate.  When called out on it, Joe freaked out, claiming that his sausage-to-cracker ratio was off and that he needed more!

Listener Alison then sent in this screenshot, which she described perfectly as "Joe looking longingly at Justin’s snack plate."

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