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Mother Outraged Over Teen Vogue's Article That Is A How-To On Anal Sex (Video)
Posted by Steve on July 17 2017
A woman named Elizabeth, who is known online as the Activist Mommy, is a bit upset over a recent Teen Vogue article.  The June edition of the magazine, who Elizabeth notes is targeted towards 11-17-year-old girls, included an article that was essentially a how-to on anal sex.  So naturally, you can understand that the Activist Mommy wasn't too pleased.

In the video below, watch as Elizabeth rants against the publication and their attempts to teach kids the ways of backdoor love.  And can you really blame her?  Sure, people will eventually learn about this stuff, but it probably shouldn't be included in a magazine geared towards such young kids.
Tags:  magazinesparentingprotestrelationshipssex
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