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New Jersey Man Wins The Lottery Twice In One Year
Posted by Zach on February 10 2017

We all dream of hitting it big playing the lottery.  From scratch-offs to easy picks, everyone gambles on making millions off of five bucks.  One person in New Jersey, though, hit the big jackpot not once, but twice!

James Callahan won $600,000 playing the lottery back in November 2015.  The first thing he bought was a first-class trip to Hawaii for him and his girlfriend.  Then, he kept playing the same game at the same store, and boom!  He hit the jackpot again!  This time around, he won $75,000!  

Callahan says that he has no idea what he will do this time around with the money he won.  But whatever he does, we’re all jealous because we don't have that decision to make.

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