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Truck Carrying A Shipment Of Eels Overturns, Leaving A Slimy Mess All Over Oregon Highway (Video)
Posted by Zach on July 17 2017

When driving down the highway, you can see all sorts of of things, like wildlife, beautiful nature or even a cool looking sports car.  But drivers in Oregon got to see some hag fish and slime covering the highway recently.

On July 13th, a shipment of hag fish, a.k.a. slime eels, was involved in an accident, spilling the fish and slime all over the road.  Needless to say, that cleanup was a bit of a challenge for a multitude of reasons, but the best part of the whole situation is how the Oregon State Police handled the spreading of the news.  They took to Twitter with pictures and hilarious puns for the enjoyment of the people who got trapped behind the incident.  A bulldozer was brought in to clean up the mess, but the puns are still there for you to enjoy.

Tags:  accidentanimalscrashdamagegrosswtf
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