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Prostitution Ring Broken Up After Condoms Clogged A Massage Parlor's Drain Pipe (Video)
Posted by Zach on April 13 2017

A good massage can do wonders for people.  They can ease pain and make you feel more relaxed.  And there’s always the running joke about the “happy ending” at the end of a massage.  Well, for one massage parlor in Austin, TX, that may actually be the case!  

Police got two tips about a possible prostitution and sex ring at a massage parlor.  This came after the massage parlor had a sewage problem, caused by their pipes being clogged due to too many flushed condoms.  Police then confronted Joseph Emery and Juan Wang about how much money the shop was making.  They, of course, lied about the whole thing.  
Police busted into the parlor one day and caught two of the workers, including Wang, naked with clients.  Emery and Wang were both taken into custody on charges of organized criminal activity and money laundering.

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