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Alex Jones Says Hot Satanist Women Tried To Date And Convert Him When He Was 13 (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on April 16 2018
Don't worry everybody, Alex Jones is still alive, he's still a human (debatable) and he's still...well, Alex Jones-ing. 

It's no secret Jones has made his career of spinning crazy webs of either rants or just wild stories and this one is no different! 

According to Jones, when he was just 13 years old, older women would really want to "date" him. So he would go out to their mansions, complete with helicopter pads, and they would end up trying to convert him to be a satanist. 

He continues his tall tale and like the rest of his rants, he brings up those pesky globalists and then said that "evil knew" what he would do in the future and said "evil failed." 

So basically, Alex Jones was super attractive as a teenager and irresistible to hot satanist women and defeated evil...Yup, we see no lies here! 

Source: MediaIte
Tags:  crazyfunnyradiowomenwtf
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