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Bill Hader Shows Off His Impression Skills On Ellen (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on March 13 2018
Ellen had Bill Hader on her show recently and decided to play a game to get him prepared to host Saturday Night Live this weekend (as if he even needs the practice).

For the game, Ellen hit a button and on the screen a random celebrity would be chosen who Hader would have to impersonate and an activity the impersonated celeb would be performing. 

First up was "Seth Rogen" with the activity "reading to pre-schoolers." Hader hit the nail on the head with this one when he chose the book to be "Puff The Magic Dragon." 

Other impressions included "John Oliver at a hip-hop concert" and "Harry Styles" as a personal trainer but the best one was probably his Jack Nicholson. Specifically, "Jack Nicholson running a lemonade stand." 

His facial expressions, his voice and delivery was spot-on when he said, “If you don’t order a lemonade from me, you’re gonna go right to hell!” 

All in all, even though we really even had no doubts, we think Hader should do more impressions. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
Tags:  comedianfunnyimpressionstelevision
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