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Nearly A Dozen Passengers Passed Through JFK Airport Unscreened By The TSA (Video)
Posted by Steve on February 21 2017
With as tight as security has been in airports since 9/11, it's incredible to see that something like this happened, let alone at a major airport like JFK!

On Monday morning, nearly a dozen people walked through security unscreened and boarded flights leaving from JFK Airport in New York.  Somehow, a TSA PreCheck line was open, and some passengers were allowed to just pass through, despite setting off metal detectors.  The Port Authority, who oversees operations at the airport, wasn't notified for two hours.  By that time, the passengers were on the flights on the way to their destination.  
Three of the passengers were able to be identified by security video and were screened upon arrival at their destination.  The other passengers remain unidentified. 
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