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The Mother Of Trash Dumping Roads In Pasco County (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on January 10 2018
People have been using this little private road in Pasco county to dump all the things they don't want anymore and it looks like the aftermath of a tornado. 

Mattresses, chairs, and even things like margarita machines and more line this entire road that connects a Target and shopping mall. 

Because thrift stores don't exist, right? If only there was a place on the internet where people can actually sell and make a little extra cash on! 

All the junk piling up on the road caused "health and safety concerns" conveniently after it was broadcast on the news and a cleaning crew ended up going out to clean it all up. 

So follow the people of Pasco county's example and don't do the practical, environmentally-conscious thing and just chuck your s**t down the first random road you find! 

Actually, please don't...

Tags:  dirtygarbagegross
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